Lift facility icon

Passenger Lift

Primrose has its very own lift to take residents between floors at the push of a button. Great for those who struggle with stairs or in a wheelchair. Serviced and maintained 4 times a year, a great facility to have in a compact and cosy home like ours.

Bathroom facility icon

Specialist baths

As well as some rooms with en-suites, our main bathrooms have specially designed baths to help with mobility issues and also large enough to have an assisted bath comfortably and practically.

Hoist assitance icon


There are numerous hoists located around the home to assist residents getting around. They range in size relating to the amount of assistance required by each individual resident, with all staff fully trained and how to use them all.

Laundry service icon

In house laundry service

Our care home has its own laundry room with fully serviced commercial laundry equipment. After washing and drying, we then also iron and fold all residents clothing before delivering and storing them in their individual rooms.

Primrose catering icon

personalised food menus

There are different menus on offer each week at Primrose, all made by our in-house full-time chefs who work every day, 365 days a year. We can cater for residents’ individual dietary needs as well as any special requirements they may have.

daily activities icon

Daily activities coordinator

Each day we have dedicated activities coordinators who help plan days out, creative things to do in the home, as well as organising external companies providing entertainment and stimulating things to do.

weekly hairdresser icon

Weekly hairdresser

Every week our own professional hairdresser visits the home to give each resident their own personal hair makeover. This helps make each resident, male or female, feel good about themselves and gives them a sense of pride over their appearance.

medicine administration icon

Medicine administration

All our senior carers have undergone the relevant and suitable training to administer medicines, as well our registered manager. Audits are then carried out on top of second checks when medicines are administered and is always a top priority in our home. We use a local pharmacy, whom we know very well, to provide each resident with their own specific medicine dosette tray with checking sheets.

Doctor and Optician visit icon

Local Doctor and Optician visits

Regularly in out home healthcare professionals come out to visit the residents. This ranges from on-call doctors to local GPs, hearing specialists, swallowing specialists and even opticians.

Primrose garden facility icon

Conservatory with garden access

Our garden recently underwent a major refurbishment and now provides residents with a comforting but practical space to spend time in and relax. We have specific areas where the residents can help with planting and nurture some of the plants. Access is provided via a ramp from the always warm and cosy conservatory!


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